Hailing from the boonies of this world (Norway) it always feels very exciting to get to travel and play golf. 

Two weeks ag one of us got to experience @innessgolf first hand. This is one of our bucket list courses. We have drooled over the entire concept of Inness over the last few years, and quietly said that this is what we would be if we were a golf course. Needless to say anticipation and expectations were high… Long story short we loved every second of it. We will get back to the place itself, but for now we will focus on the course.

Staying at Inness they will offer to drive you with one of their golf carts, I drove myself. Once you get there you realize although you have a tee time, no one is in a rush. This is the beginning of a very different golf experience. I met my playing partner from @dimpledivot and we agreed to hit a few balls on the range. We were pointed in the direction as they got our clubs into the cart (a very walkable course, but hey). I am sure a lot of players expect a matte or perfect grass when paying $150. This was more reminiscent of realistic lies in a semi rough and hitting into a field… I personally loved it, got the guard down.

To get into it and to avoid a shot by shot play I will just jump to a general impression and analysis. Inness is different! Fairways are groomed, greens are nice and even, BUT…! Bunkers are funky, greens are more undulated than we have ever experienced, 2-3 breaks per put is normal. Being a nine hole course this still delivered on 18. First 9 was a “get to know me” and the last 9 was a “so we meet again”. 

Having large greens (did I mention crazy undulations) they make a great move with 2 flagsticks placed very different. This means you get a sneak peak into how to play the next 9, but you really have to think and plan your shots.
Without getting too far into it, this course I can play so many more times without getting bored. It is fundamentally differently designed by the genius team at King Collins . Makes me want to play all your courses. Bucket-list just grew… 

June 17, 2024 — Kevin Hagen